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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

september songs

new releases from label regulars and fresh bloods. all discs are $10.

hear here

we also have a few copis of the unwar c60 cassette, 'sleep dope',  released on the awesome altered states tapes . they are $10 a pop
unwar - sleep dope c60 altered states tapes ast033

blend 42 from outer space is electronic fuckery in deep travel mode. heavy rithums and gnarly chorus tones split amid galactic buzz and chatter.
hashram044 blend 42 from outer space - la$er cash cdr

warden burger bring the void once more. recordings culled from the same session that produced their previous hashram releases 'environments'. broad abstract noise scapes for meditaterds
hashram045 warden burger - thirst cdr

luger play heavy bass and drumage synthpop from japan not.
hashram046 luger - sun rise cdr

6majik9 do one take ritual group mind exploration
hashram047 6majik9 - the third ornamental unity congress cdr

no fuckwit pursue the gaps between sacred skronk and tribal ecstacy
hashram049 no fuckwit - phantom bar cdr

 smoking ruins intone retardational devotionals and intoxicated mood swings for anthropological interest
hashram050 smoking ruins - armed rubbery cdr
odious folk implosionisms, synth stones and downer psych damage
hashram051 odious - riding on the range cdr

1 comment:

  1. a message to all,i have had the luxury ov listening to a few ov these "highly dubious"cd's/tapes..please be careful as to NOT do what I did and only purchase 1 or 2 titles,as all I wanted WAS MORE...I personally dug the "luger"cd and the "no fuckwit" cd.get it,support it,experiment it....power waters