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Friday, May 18, 2012

new noise available now

                                   listen to samples here

                                        hashram019 christian television - gnostic rivers cdr $10

                                                                     prayerful mirrors


                                            hashram020 no guru - der krampe tanz cdr $10

members of mad nana and sky needle enjoying the rural vibes

hashram021 mansion - the room grew fingers cdr $10

noise means life

hashram022 6majik9 - dog lines cdr $10

scapes and landscrapes

hashram023 lunars blues band - dead head
adam sussman,kelly keating,michael donnelly

hashram024 unwar - plague rites
noise germs

hashram025 unwar - electronerism

current 94

hashram026 unwar - all nature looks unknown
tone poems

hashram027 unwar - travel

hashram029 unwar - plug head
outlet socket

hashram028 unwar - gravity modulator
brain fruit