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Sunday, October 31, 2010

terracid, ffehro, 6majik9 tape

hashram009 terracid - dissolution c90

side A was originally planned for release on mymwly as a cdr way back, but was shelved due to weird reasons. heavy handed collaged assemblages and ac'd fulk sungs
side B are four long what mum says is krock songs.

each tape comes in a mystery hand made sleeve construction that could make it impossible to store it with your other cassettes.

check out the first track here

hashram010 ffehro - from the second dead c46

spaced pych and free acoustic improv.

hear it here

hashram011 6majik9 - drugrun4 c90

live recordings from inside the 'majikhouse', 2007.

check out a track here

Sunday, October 17, 2010

sum or

hashram005 6majik9 - drugrun2 c46

sloppy, directionless and dripping with psychic

hashram006 6majik9 - drugrun3 c90

lsd should not be attempted after dark

hashram007 boTos - delight rods c46

live group improvisations from the summer of 2008s
'hashram' sessions.

hashram008 boTos - cones of wonder c46

more live group improvisations from 2008s 'hashram'

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

new title!!

hashram004 6majik9 - drugrun1 c90

volume one of the 'drugrun' series...longform jams, edited collages and experimental deconstructions.