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Saturday, February 26, 2011

triple threat

hashram016 6majik9 - in the service of miss cecily c40

available as a free download from our good friends at we have no zen . this is the hard copy. same songs but on magnetic tape for the analog fetishists out there.

recorded new years day, 2011 at ian's place (nearly). line up includes long time collaborator and occasional performer james barrett on loan from sunny sweden.

hashram017 lunar blues band - cryptomana c90

herbal fresh with noisy cataract improv from matt earl, adam sussman and michael donnelly

hashram018 terracid vs boTos - fake food

terracid takes a long glide over an ambient improvisation culled the same boTos sessions that produced 'delight rods' and 'cones of wonder'. editing,adding and manipulating the raw
document to create a beast of a different color

Friday, February 11, 2011

new goo

hashram012 6majik9 - otters laughing in the drowning pool cs9o

aka 'otters laughing in the dying pool'. a reduced form of 6majik9 function repeated signs in circular decay.

hashram013 mansion - satin door cs46

charles curse and terracid collaborate

hashram014 6majik9 - you got juice in you c46

another reduced form of 6majik9 offer
psych pop with sloppy edges and accidental meanings that end with a long situation that concerns food preperation.

check out a track here

hashram015 christian televison - cathode mirror c46

improvised space drone, attempted rock and acid folk twisted through heavy psychic filters